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July 18, 2012
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<EDIT 2> The game's actually finished now. That is all.</EDIT>

<EDIT> If you're using Internet Explorer, right-click and select "loop" when it gets to the start menu, otherwise it'll glitch. </EDIT>

I had this idea for a few years as an "If I ever get to use Flash again, I kinda want to make a game, but I have no idea how to use actionscript. I guess I'll start with a simple dress-up thing or something" thing. And I did get to use Flash again, so I was just going to make a basic character creator. But then I couldn't stop working on it, and now it's way more intricate than it has any business being. It's still not completely finished, but I'm sick of the thing so I really need to upload it for closure. Maybe I'll actually do things that I'm supposed to do now, hopefully.
I'm sorry I haven't done anything for a few months and now you're getting this game that's attached to such a joyless description, I just haven't had such a great summer. So...enjoy the game?
I've already done too much barn owl stuff, but typical owls are too diverse to add in without working on this for quite a few months. Barn owls all have a similar enough body that can be generalized into one base shape.
*therougecat beat me to posting an owl creator here: [link]
I mention this because I shamelessly stole the transparent drag-and-drop menu idea from her. Also, you can make rainbow owls with hers, which is a very important and necessary thing that you can't do with mine.
Let me know if you find any bugs or if it freezes up too much or if there's a random red rectangle somewhere.
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